NAND flash contract prices to rise through 1H25, says Silicon Motion

Contract market prices for NAND flash memory will rise another 20% in the second quarter, according to Wallace Kou, president and CEO of memory device controller IC supplier Silicon Motion Technology. This upward trend is expected to persist throughout the first half of 2025.

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Intel Core Processors Series 1 launched – new 15W U chips for low-power systems

Intel has a new series of 15W U-series chips for thin laptops that don't require a ton of power. They're getting a new brand name: Intel Core Mobile Processors Series 1. At the moment, Intel Core (no generation, no "Ultra") appears to be the name specifically for the 15W chips. These new processors are not part of Intel's 14th Gen Core HX lineup, nor the Intel Core Ultra (also Series 1) line, where the H-series parts can be found. Still with me?

Intel AI-centric chips pave the way for AI everywhere era across devices

At the "AI Everywhere" event, Intel launched the 5th-gen Xeon processor, code-named Emerald Rapids, and Intel Core Ultra mobile processors to compete in an AI era. Intel also showcased the Gaudi3 AI accelerator. As outlined in Intel's press release, the 5th-gen Xeon showcases an impressive 21% average surge in general computing performance and facilitates a remarkable 36% rise in average performance per watt.

Western Digital to raise NAND flash prices by up to 55%

Western Digital has informed customers that prices for NAND flash memory may rise by up to 55% in the coming quarters, according to industry sources. NAND flash prices have been rising sharply in the second half of 2023, and the extent of increases in the fourth quarter has been much faster than expected. Western Digital has already notified its customers that it will raise the prices for both NAND and HDD. The notification comes as memory chip vendors continue to slash output with inventory correction in the supply chain drawing to a close.

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